City Attorney

The City Attorney’s Office is established by the Royal Oak charter (Chapter III, Section 22). The City Attorney is appointed by, and is directly responsible to the City Commission. The City Attorney serves as the legal adviser and counsel for the City and for all officers and departments in all matters relating to their official duties, and performs such other duties as may be imposed by the commission, either by ordinance or resolution.

The City Attorney is an integral part of the criminal justice system, working together with the police and code enforcement to prosecute misdemeanors and civil infractions in the district court and works to insure that people convicted of criminal or civil violations pay their share of fines and costs.

The City Attorney is involved in the regulation of city liquor licenses, preparation of development agreements, contracts, reviews bonds and insurance policies, prepares ordinances, including the completed ordinance codification project, and manages all civil litigation for the City.

The City Attorney’s Office cannot provide private legal advice but does refer residents to available legal services such as the Oakland County Bar Association.