Historical Groups

Historic District Commission

Established by Ordinance § 82-13. The duty of the Commission is to review all plans for the construction, addition, alteration, repair, moving, excavation, or demolition of resources in a historic district. The Commission consists of seven members whose residence is located within the City of Royal Oak. A majority of the members shall have a clearly demonstrated interest in or knowledge of historic preservation. Serving three-year terms the Commission usually meets the third Tuesday of the month from September to June.

Historic District Study Committee

Established by Ordinance § 82-1 the Historic District Study Committee researches proposed historic districts for the purpose historic preservation in the City. There are seven members serving three-year terms, with one or more members of the Historical Commission or Historic District Commission. The Committee meets as needed.

Historical Commission

The Historical Commission is a policy-making body, which advises the City Commission on matters relating to or advancing the historical interests of the City of Royal Oak. The seven members are appointed by the City Commission and serve three-year terms. At least one member should be a member of the Historic District Commission or Historic District Study Committee. The Commission usually meets the fourth Wednesday of each month from September to June.

Royal Oak Historical Society

The Royal Oak Historical Society is a volunteer, membership organization whose purpose is to encourage historical study and research, to collect and preserve historical materials, and to record the folklore connected with the City of Royal Oak and its vicinity.

Roundtable of Royal Oak Historical Organizations

The Historical Roundtable is a group of representatives from each of the above four groups. The Roundtable works to collaborate the historical efforts through-out the City of Royal Oak. This gives the opportunity for each group to report on their plans, progress, special needs, events and interests.

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