Fees & Services

Basic Information

We're thrilled that you chose to visit us in search of your newest family member!  ROAS expects your pets will be cherished family members from the moment they leave our care. To this end, please be aware that adoption is a lifetime commitment and should be entered into thoughtfully and responsibly. The Royal Oak Animal Shelter reserves the right to deny an application/applicant for any reason.

A few additional things we want you to know about the adoption process at the Royal Oak Animal Shelter: 

- Check Adopt-A-Pet for a list of our adoptable animals.  
- If you find a potential new family member, contact us via email at roas@romi.gov and request an adoption application for that       animal. 
- ROAS does not do blanket approvals for adopters, so only apply if you're ready to be seriously considered for adoption.  As a rule, applications for 'any' or 'unnamed' animals will not be considered.                                                                                                                     - - - We receive multiple applications for most of our adoptable animals.  Each animal is matched with the potential adopter we feel    will be the best fit for that animal's personality.  First come is NOT first served. 
- Dogs must be introduced to potential dog siblings at ROAS before adopting to ensure compatibility.  Please email                              roas@romi.gov to schedule an appointment for an introduction.
- When the application period for each animal is closed, all applications for that animal will be reviewed by the Shelter Manager.      Designated adopters will be contacted directly and directed on completing the adoption.
- Adoption is completed when all forms have been approved, fees have been paid, appropriate contracts been signed, and final        packet has been processed by Shelter staff.

Adoption Fees

Unless otherwise noted, adoption fees include standard vaccinations and medical exams.  Additional services may result in additional fees.  Adoption fees are non-refundable.

Cat/Kitten - Purebred 
Dog - Adult
Dog - Small Breed
Dog - Toy or Purebred
Sterilization Deposit*

*By law we are required to charge a sterilization deposit on all intact animals leaving the shelter.  Deposit is refundable once terms of the contract have been satisfied and proof of sterilization is returned to ROAS within the designated time frame.

Stray Boarding Fees

If your cat or dog goes for an unplanned walk without you there's a good chance they'll turn up at ROAS!  Animals with up-to-date identification tags and/or properly registered microchips can generally be reunited with their families within a few hours.  Animals without tags or registered microchips will likely be our guest for a longer period of time.  To reclaim strays, owners must present proof of ownership, current driver's license or state-issued ID, proof of rabies vaccination, and pay appropriate fees.    

Unlicensed dogs must be licensed at the City Clerk's office within 30 days of release from ROAS.

1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day
4th Day and Beyond - Previous Charge Plus
$25/Day Additional

Surrender Fees

Occasionally circumstances might necessitate the surrender of a family's companion animal.  Surrenders are arranged by appointment ONLY - space permitting.  Any resident Royal Oak resident approved to surrender a companion animal must provide proof of ownership, valid driver's license or state-issued ID with Royal Oak address, and veterinary records showing vaccination and spay/neuter status.  Surrender forms will be completed and signed and fees paid.

Current on Vaccinations AND Spayed/Neutered - No Health or Behavior Issues$100
Current on Vaccinations OR Spayed/Neutered - No Health or Behavior Issues$250
NOT Current or Vaccinations AND Intact - No Health or Behavior Issues$350

ROAS can accept payments at the shelter by cash, check, or money order.  Email us at roas@romi.gov to arrange online payment by Credit Card.