Cardboard Preparation

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The City of Royal Oak encourages recycling and cardboard plays a large role. Preparing cardboard no longer needs to be a time consuming process.  Please put cardboard out according to the directions below by 7:00 a.m. of your refuse day. Recycling saves the city as well as residents money on disposal fees, but more importantly it helps the environment. The more we recycle the more everyone benefits!!


Ways to Recycle Cardboard


  • If using 65-gallon toter: flatten cardboard and place inside toter, it does not need to be tied. Cardboard cannot stick out or be jammed in the toter, if it is the toter will be tagged and left until the issue is corrected.
  • If using 18-gallon bin: flatten and place inside bin, it does not need to be tied. 
  • Place excess cardboard (that will not fit in the toter/bin) next to your recycling bin. Cardboard outside of the bin/toter needs to be tied, no larger than 3 x 3 feet and cannot be put into/stuffed into a box.  If put out loose/stacked without tying/too large/in box/etc. it will be tagged and left until corrected.
  • Large appliance/electric/oversized boxes need to be flattened, bundled, and will be taken with trash

Save A Step, Take Your Cardboard To SOCRRA!!

Bring any sized cardboard to SOCRRA’s drop-off facility, located at 995 Coolidge, Troy (between 14 Mile and Maple, across from the Meijer gas station). Please visit SOCRRA's website or call (248) 288-5150.

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