Fire Hydrants

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Fire Hydrant Maintenance

​The City of Royal Oak has over 2,200 fire hydrants of different ages and brands located strategically throughout the City. Fire hydrants suffer from vandalism, automobile accidents and age and must be repaired or replaced. The Water Maintenance Division handles all repair work including pavement and landscape repairs (in conjunction with the Highway Division and Engineering Department during warm months) arising from repair or replacement of fire hydrants.​

​The Fire Department also monitors their condition; malfunctions are reported to the Water Maintenance Division for repair or replacement.

Painting Fire Hydrants

​The Water Maintenance Division hires seasonal workers to paint fire hydrants during the summer months on a specific schedule.  Please do not paint a fire hydrant as the color on the cap tells the Fire Department the size of the water main.  If there is an extenuating circumstance to have a fire hydrant painted before the scheduled time please call the Department of Public Service at 248) 246-3300 and every attempt will be made to accommodate your request.