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City Attorney

  1. Contact Us - City Attorney

    Contact form for City Attorney's Office

City Clerk's Office

  1. Contact Us - City Clerk

    Contact form for City Clerk's Office

  1. Do Not Knock Registry Request Form

    Complete and submit this form to either have your name added to or removed from the City of Royal Oak's Do Not Knock Registry.


  1. Contact Us - Court

    Contact form for the court

Economic Development

  1. Contact Us - Economic Development

    Contact form for Economic Development Department


  1. Contact Us - Engineering

    Contact form for Engineering Division

  1. Traffic Committee Request

    Complete the traffic request form and submit it to the Engineering Division.

Farmers Market

  1. Contact Us - Farmers Market

    Contact form for Farmers Market


  1. Contact Us - Finance

    Contact form for Finance Department


  1. Contact Us - Fire

    Contact form for Fire Department


  1. Report a Concern

    Report a Concern

Human Resources

  1. Contact Us - Human Resources

    Contact form for Human Resources Department


  1. Adult Volunteer Application

    Adult volunteer application for the Royal Oak Public Library

  2. Ask a Librarian / Renew My Library Card

    Online form for questions.

  3. Contact Us - Head of Access Services

    If you have a question for the Head of Access Services, leave a message using this contact form.

  4. Contact Us - Head of Youth and Teen Services

    If you have a question for the Head of Youth and Teen Services, leave a message using this contact form.

  5. Program Proposal Form

    The Royal Oak Public Library is committed to presenting educational, cultural, intellectual, and civic-minded programs for all ages... More…

  6. Royal Oak Public Library School Book Request Bin

    Please fill out our form to let us know how to prepare your box of books for your classroom. The Box will be picked up in nine weeks... More…

  7. Teen Discord Server for ROPL

    Did you hear about our Discord server for teens, and you want to be part of it? Well, you're in the right place. This is a form that... More…

  8. Teen Volunteer Application for 17-Year-Olds

    Teen volunteer application for 17-year-olds

  1. Application for Use of the Friends Auditorium

    ROPL Library Room Rental Application.

  2. Author Fair Application

    The Local Author Fair will be on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 2-4 p.m. Space is limited. This application will close the evening... More…

  3. Contact Us - Head of Adult Services

    If you have a question for the Head of Adult Services, leave a message using this contact form.

  4. Contact Us - Library Director

    If you have a question for the Library Director, leave a message using this contact form.

  5. Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

    If a patron objects to the presence of material on the library's shelves or in a library program, he or she may request reconsideration... More…

  6. Suggest a Title for Purchase

    Suggestion for purchase form.

  7. Teen Volunteer Application Ages 14-16

    Online volunteer application for teens ages 14-16.


  1. Contact Us - Planning

    Contact form for Planning Department


  1. Contact Us - Police

    Contact form for police

Public Service

  1. Contact Us - Department of Public Services

    Contact form for Department of Public Services


  1. Contact Us - Recreation

    Contact form for Recreation Department

Senior Center

  1. Contact Us - Senior

    Contact form for Senior/Community Center


  1. Contact Us - Treasurer

    Contact form for Treasurer's Office


  1. Contact Us - Water Billing

    Contact form for water billing

Website Feedback

  1. Website Feedback Form

    Form for receiving general feedback about the website


  1. Contact Us - WROK

    Contact form for WROK