What are the restrictions for growing outside?

Under the MMRTM Act, a recreational / adult-use marijuana establishment many not allow the cultivation, processing, sale, or display of marijuana or marijuana accessories to be visible from a public place outside of the establishment with the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids.

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1. Why wouldn’t we encourage the maximum number of marijuana business in Royal Oak, instead of trying to restrict the number and location?
2. Does the language referencing adult-use recreational facilities refer to facilities that only sell recreation marijuana, or that sell and allow onsite use of marijuana?
3. What are the restrictions for growing outside?
4. Can the decision to opt out be made pending the state establishing the rules but stipulating that this gets revisited once those rules are in place?
5. Royal Oak must follow state law regarding the number of liquor licenses permitted. If marijuana retail businesses are permitted, will the city be able to legally restrict the number?
6. What will happen if the city opt ins and the federal government enforces the federal marijuana laws? Will they close the marijuana stores? Will city officials be held accountable?