Water Billing

COVID-19 UPDATE: Final Water Reads

Currently, the Department of Public Service is not doing final water reads because of the health concerns for both water customers and staff.  

The department is allowing water customers to take their own final reads as long as they supply a picture of the inside meter and outside reading device.

Click here for an online "Request for Final Water Bill".

Click here to download and print a Request for Final Water Bill.

Need help identifying or reading your Water Meter?  Click here for help.

Online Payment Options

Water Bill Payment Options: VISA, Master Card, DISCOVER, and Electronic Check 
The City partners with BS&A and Invoice Cloud to provide online payment of your water, sewer, and stormwater charges. The Treasurer’s Office accepts payments for these utility bills online at www.bsaonline.com or by phone at 1-844-627-2396. 

Service Fees include:

Debit and Credit Cards: $3.95 per payment transaction.  The maximum that you can pay per transaction is $400.
E-checks: $0.00 per payment transaction (the fee is currently waived)
For further instructions, information and to get started, just click this link: Pay Water Bill Online.

Information you will need to know when using the payment system:
 • Your Utility Account ID 
To pay your water bill by telephone, dial 844-627-2396, and follow the prompts.
Note: Invalid charges, such as insufficient funds, will be subject to additional fees.

For any questions or problems related to payment issues online or by phone please contact the Invoice Cloud customer service number at 1-901-737-8686.

For general questions about your water bill, please contact the Water billing staff in the Treasurer's office at 248-246-3160.

Automatic Deduction

The City of Royal Oak is offering you the opportunity to pay your water / sewer bill free of charge through our Direct Payment Service. By sending in a completed enrollment form, your bill will automatically be deducted from your specified checking account on the bill due date. You are to continue to pay your bill as you normally would until you receive notice from the City of Royal Oak that you have been signed up for this service.
Download the Enrollment Form (PDF) below to begin the process.

Questions regarding this process can be emailed to: Water Bill Payments or call 248-246-3160, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

General Information

You can access your water account online anytime at https://www.BSAOnline.com.   


Water Billing is located in the Treasurer’s office in City Hall. You can visit us Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. – noon, or contact us by phone with questions concerning your water service at 248-246-3160.

Billing Time Frame

Accounts are billed four times annually. There are thirteen (13) billing cycles and from 1,500 to 2,400 bills are mailed out weekly. Payments on bills are typically due on Mondays three weeks after the bills are mailed.

The water and sewerage rates for the City of Royal Oak as of July 1, 2021 are:
  • Billing Administrative Flat Fee: $14.00 per billing period
  • $11.29 per unit for first 20 units per billing period
  • $12.98 per unit in excess of 20 units per billing period
Water Allocation Pie Chart


The City employs its own personnel to read and service water meters using hand held computers. These workers may also:
  • Reread meters when wide disparity in consumption patterns is noted
  • Investigate situations of inordinately high water usage
  • Install new meters
  • Turn-on and turn-off services at the street for repairs

Meter Reading

If there is an outdoor reading device at the service address of an account, please be aware that the current reading is based on what is shown on the outdoor reader. Please check periodically to make sure that this reading coincides with the inside water meter and advise us of any discrepancies. Failure to notify the city of any discrepancies between the inside and outside meters may result in additional charges. The property owner is responsible for all past and present water charges based on the inside water meter.

Final Readings

For final / courtesy water bills for real estate closings or for tenant changes, both of which require final meter readings, customers are asked to set up an appointment for a member of the water department to come out and read the water meter. Once the meter is read, a final/courtesy water bill will be generated. The resulting bill may then be emailed, mailed or picked up at the Treasurer's Office.

If a scheduled appointment with the Water Service Department is missed, a $45 fee will be billed on the water account.

Water Bill Addressees

All City of Royal Oak water bills are mailed to "Water Customer," unless the bill is being mailed to a different address other than the service address. The United States Postal Service will not reroute any mail addressed to "Water Customer," even with a forwarding request that has been made through the Post Office. If you would like your bill mailed to a different address for the winter or while you are out of town, please contact the Water Department by phone or in writing.

Change of Address

Complete the Change of Address Form (PDF) and mail it to:
City of Royal Oak Water Department
P.O. Box 64
Royal Oak, MI 48068-0064

You may also email us at Water Billing.

Avoiding Late Charges

In order to avoid any late charges, please make sure payment reaches us on or prior to the due date printed on the water bill. Show the "account number" on your check and make check payable to: City of Royal Oak. The bills are payable at the Treasurer's office in city hall, can be dropped off in the drop box or mailed to:
City of Royal Oak Water Department
P.O. Box 64
Royal Oak, MI 48068-0064

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