Rodent Harborage

Preventing Rodent Harborage

All structures and exterior property shall be kept free from rat infestation. Where rats are found they shall be promptly exterminated by approved processes which will not be injurious to human health. After extermination, proper precautions shall be taken to prevent reinfestation.

All foundation walls shall be maintained plumb and free from open cracks and breaks and shall be kept in such condition so as to prevent the entry of rats.

Exterior Storage

All Building materials, lumber, boxes, cartons, barrels, bottles, cans, containers, machinery, junk, raw materials, fabricated goods and similar items which may afford harborage for rats shall be stored or stacked either upon rat-proof paved areas or 18 inches above the ground and shall be separated into storage units as to minimize the possibility of rat harborage and as to permit inspection and extermination procedures.

Logs must be stacked upon a cement pad or 18 inches above the ground.

Bird Feeders

No person shall feed wild birds other than by means of approved containers elevated at least 48 inches above the ground level.

  • No person shall throw food on the ground for birds or other animals as this may also cause rodent harborage.
  • Do not put food for pets outside of the house, as this will attract rodents.
All exterior storage of rubbish shall be securely stored in a container with a tight fitting lid to prevent rodents from disturbing.

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