6.10 - Public Relations Policy

With the following Public Relations Policy, the Royal Oak Public Library intends to ensure that the public receives consistent and accurate information about library policies, procedures, programs and services and to protect the privacy of all users of library services and facilities.

A. Single Point of Contact. The Library Director is the official spokesperson for the library as to adopted programs,           policies and services. The single point of contact for all media is the Library Director. Employees and individual members of the Library Board should refer all requests for information about the library, its policies and operations to the Library Director.

B. Press Releases. The Library Director approves all press releases or statements to the press prior to being issued from the library.
C. Photography. Unless approved in writing by the Library Director or taken at a meeting open to the public in compliance with the Michigan Open Meetings Act, no person may take pictures, videos or capture images by electronic means inside the Library. Requests from any person for photographing, videotaping or similar means of capturing images of library patrons in the library or the interior of the library must be approved by the Library Director in advance. All such requests are to be referred directly to the Library Director.  A person denied the right to take pictures, videos or capture images in the library may appeal that decision within ten (10) days of receiving such denial to the Library Board.

D. Permission to Photograph the Public. Any person who has received permission to take pictures, videos or obtain images inside the library, where such images contain pictures or videos of visitors to or patrons of the library, must obtain prior written permission and release for use of the photo or video by the proposed subject of the photo or video. Copies of these permission slips and releases are to be provided to the library. Requests for permission to photograph or video minors under the age of eighteen (18) must be signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian.

Adopted by Library Board: 04/22/08; reaffirmed 2/22/2011; reaffirmed 4/26/2016; reaffirmed 4/25/2017.